"The artist is the medium between his fantasies
and the rest of the world."
Frederico Fellini

  • "Imagination is everything. It's the
    preview of life's coming attractions."
    Albert Einstein


    Some of the films we have worked on:


    The movie adaptation of the popular zombie-action video game with over 30 million downloads.
    Starring DOLPH LUNDGREN (The Expendables, Rocky IV, Universal Soldier), ISAIHA WASHINGTON (The 100, Grey's Anatomy), LUCIANA CARRO (Battlestar Galactica, Helix, Falling Skies), AUTUMN REESER (Last Resort, Hawaii Five-0), JUSTIN CHON (Twilight), JOEL GRETSCH (V) and OLEG TAKTAROV (Predators)

    Story & Screenplay by: Heinz Treschnitzer

    Danny Trejo plays 'Bullet' a tough cop who takes the law into his own hands when his grandson is kidnapped.
    Starring DANNY TREJO (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn), JONATHAN BANKS (Breaking Bad), TINSEL KOREY (Twilight), EMILIO RIVERA (Sons Of Anarchy) and JULIA DIETZE (Iron Sky)
    Director: Nick Lyon     Producer: Robert Rodriguez, Matthew Joynes, Nick Lyon
    Design Consultant: Heinz Treschnitzer

    When a young man's bride is kidnapped by an evil king, he turns to Hercules for help. The fallen hero has been living in exile, banished for killing his family, but the young man's courage inspires Hercules. Together, they fight to rescue the bride and reclaim the honor of Hercules.
    Director: Nick Lyon     Produced by The Asylum / Syfy
    Design Consultant / Opening titles: Heinz Treschnitzer

    Our credits include award-winning films and shorts such as:


  • "A film is never really good unless
    the camera is an eye in the head of a poet."
    Orson Welles


    Monstaworx Entertainment is developing the spectacular remake of Umberto Lenzi’s 1980s horror cult classic which will feature popular actors from some of the best TV shows & movies of the last decade and will bring together 2 legendary masters of horror:

    The remake will be directed by the 'King Of Gore & Splatter' TOM SAVINI (Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of the Dead, Friday The 13th, From Dusk Till Dawn) and presented by the Italian master of horror UMBERTO LENZI (Nightmare City, Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive). Thrilling and blood drenched horror, impressive special effects, great characters packed in a suspenseful and fast-paced story based on real life actual events. A spectacular remake of a horror cult classic that will cause a lot of buzz and thrill fans & viewers all over the world.

    Director & Special Effects Supervisor: TOM SAVINI
    Producer: Heinz Treschnitzer
    Written by: Heinz Treschnitzer (aka Dax Skylar)

    LARRY BRENT - The Secret Files Of The PSA

    MONSTAWORX Entertainment has secured the exclusive worldwide film rights on all Larry Brent novels and is developing the long-awaited film/TV series adaptation of the popular, successful novel series and audio dramas.


    Since its first release in 1968, the LARRY BRENT novel series from German cult author Jürgen Grasmück, aka Dan Shocker, is reputed to be the inspiration for all modern European horror novels. Since then, more than 20 million copies, reprints, and new editions have been sold in several European countries, making this the first and one of the most successful horror novel series in the German-speaking world. For decades, generations of fans have been following the suspenseful and thrilling adventures of LARRY BRENT and the special agents of the PSA; the novel series and the audio drama adaptation enjoy cult status.


    LARRY BRENT will be a fantastic, thrilling genre mix of horror, crime, action, mystery and sci-fi with a top-level international cast & crew including legends of the horror genre and award-winning artists which will appeal to a wide range of viewers.

    An international co-production at the highest Hollywood standard that will be attractive to both European and international audience and networks.


    Get ready for the first European horror-action-crime series!



    Executive Producer & Special Effects Supervisor:

    TOM SAVINI (Night Of The Living Dead (90), From Dusk Till Dawn, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, Friday The 13th, Creepshow)


    Director & Executive Producer:

    NICK LYON (Z Nation, Bermuda Dreieck Nordsee, Species IV, They Found Hell, Rise Of The Zombies)


    Series Creator, Executive Producer & Writer: HEINZ TRESCHNITZER (Dead Trigger, Nightmare City)


    Line Producer, Producer: RALF WEINFURTNER (Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Boondock Saints 2, Marlene)

    Associate Producer: JASON BAKER (The Dark Knight Rises, Jack Reacher, Deadtime Stories)






    More info coming soon

  • "I think cinema, movies, and magic
    have always been closely associated.
    The very earliest people who made film were magicians."
    Francis Ford Coppola

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